Navigation of 3D Virtual Gallery:

Orbit around Left click + drag or One finger drag (touch)

Zoom Double click on model or scroll anywhere or Pinch (touch)

Pan Right click + drag or Two fingers drag (touch)

Virtual Reality (VR) Mode: Mobile with cardboard or similar-open model , press VR icon, insert mobile in Cardboard headset.

                                                             Desktop PC with VR headset, open model, click on VR icon

                                                              If using a VR controller point to a region on the floor or if using  VR headset only look at a region on                                                                      the floor you want to teleport to and a yellow circle will appear. Click  controller or headset to move                                                                    to that region.

Price List

Clockwise from rear door:

1. Michael after Swimming, Oil on canvas, 120 x 100cm, 2016.                                

2. Lady Electric (Nina), Oil on canvas, 122 x 101.5cm, 2017.                                    

3. Sarah with Coffee and Phone, Oil on canvas, 120 x 100cm, 2017.                     

4. Green Man, Oil on board, 50 x 45cm, 2016.                                                                     

 5. Brushes and Lamp, Oil on board, 2017.                                                                            

6. Adam Jammin', Oil on board, 120 x 100cm, 2017.                                                     

7. Lola Reading, Oil on canvas, 150 x 99.5cm, 2017.                                                        

8. Vapour, Oil on board, 50 x 45cm, 2016.                                                                          



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